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Luminara Serdar, producer of the Autism Recovery Summits, nutritionist, holistic healer invites you to join the Autism Advisor™, a monthly membership program where you get ongoing support for questions you have about your child's recovery process. 

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"Hi, I'm Luminara and I'm excited you're here. I've learned over the years that everyone is individual and it’s possible to apply the wrong protocol to your child and create some harm.  I can’t tell you how many times parents have told me what they’ve done not knowing ALL that they should be doing. 

What if you could ask an expert, once a month, questions about your individual child, as you go through the recovery journey? I’ve put together a program that does exactly that.  It’s called Autism Adviser™.  Once a month, we have a live call where you get to ask me specific questions about your child, about his or her inner body workings and symptoms. I’ve interviewed over 60 experts and spoken off line with many of them in private conversations, even becoming friends with them. I’ve helped the recovery process of hundred’s of clients in my own practice. Your participation in Autism Advisor™ will bring you peace of mind, help your child’s health, and help your child to reach their full potential while feeling better in their body. 

What’s that worth to you? Take advantage of this opportunity.  Get the help you really need for your child!"

What's Included?

This beneficial membership will provide you with

Answers, Support, Community and Acceptance!

  Live monthly call support for 75 minutes:

  • This is a group call, where you’ll get answers you’re seeking. Not only do you get answers, but also support, community, acceptance.
  • Available to you the first Thursday of every month at 1 pm PST* with Autism Recovery Specialist, Luminara Serdar. 
  • If you cannot make a live group call, fear not! We make it easy for you to submit detailed questions ahead of time to be included in the discussion. To hear your individualized answer, just login to your member portal and click to replay the sessions MP4. 


Why a group call? What we’ve learned, is that when there is a group of people who have questions,  

  • The answer to your question can initiate other helpful instructions that you or someone else never would have thought to ask.  
  • Often times your question is asked by somebody else, even if you didn’t know you had that question or how to verbalize it.   
  • We’ve also learned that by asking your question, someone else gets to learn.  There are usually others that have that same question. That’s community in action. 
  • And knowing other parents have some of the same challenges helps you to not feel so alone


Exclusive access to our closed Autism Advisor™ Facebook groupfor support in between the times of your monthly meeting. 

  • You can still ask your questions, communicate, and experience community 24/7. We have members from all over the world! 


Access our private Autism Advisor™ membership site:

  • Each Call Support session is recorded in MP3 format for later playback inside!
  • Researched answers to parents questions by Autism Recovery Specialist, Luminara Serdar. 


We provide a safe and compassionate space to ask your most important questions when it comes to your child's recovery. Using cutting edge research, we will provide you with knowledge needed to use along your child's recovery path. Engage with our Autism Advisor™ community today!


*The July 4, 2019 call will be held on the following Thursday, July 11, 2019 as we observe the 4th of July holiday in the US.



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Minimum 3 month membership required. You can stop your membership at any time after the 3-month minimum

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