Post Transforming Autism Jumpstart Program Assessment

We'd love to see what kind of shifts you saw with your child, as well as hear your feedback about the Program. Thank you!


Please complete these questions to the best of your ability.

It's not always easy for us parents to see the incremental changes in our child, because we see them every day. Many times it's therapists, teachers and family who will tell you the changes they see in your child! That's OK. If you're not sure, ask someone who sees your child less frequently than you do, if they noticed anything different in the last month.


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Child's name (or children) on the protocol)*


Child's (children's) age(s)


Throughout the Transforming Autism Jumpstart Protocol of 30 days, where did you find the most difficulty implementing the protocol?*


Comments about specifically difficulty implementing the protocol, suggestions for improvements


Did you see changes in your child?*


Comments about changes you saw with your child

Sometimes it's challenging to see an improvement or change that we can describe with words. Often people will tell me their child just seems more aware, or more 'with it', more 'present'. Please note if you saw shifts such as this.


Comments about challenges or difficulties, specifically with your child going through the protocol

Some parents have found that starting this protocol 'stirs things up', moves around toxins, or just have a hard time with the 'reactions' and knowing how to manage this. and that behaviors can get worse before they get better. Please comment if you found challenges too difficult to manage that you want to give up.


Because you have only implemented Month 1 of a 10-month protocol, I expect you would see some changes, but not all that is possible. Please comment on changes in any of the areas below.

  • Change in allergies, rashes
  • Change in diet, food preferences
  • Changes in frequency, type, smell or other characteristics of elimination
  • Changes in sleep
  • Changes in urination
  • Changes in stimming
  • Changes in hyperactivity, anxiety, focus, attention
  • Changes in speech
  • Changes in gross or fine motor skills
  • Changes in mood - meltdowns, tantrums, anger, crying
  • Changes in hearing
  • Changes is overall health - frequency of getting sick or time to recover from sickness

Do you have any suggestions for improvements for the protocol, program, support or any other aspect of what you have experienced?


What are your immediate goals for your child going foward from here?


How are your child and your family better off now than before you started this program?*


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